Embedding design in organisations, a maturity model

[Esta sessão será ministrada em inglês e não contará com tradução] – From governments to national retailers, everyone’s talking about how design might help them deliver what they do more efficiently and enable better outcomes for their users. It’s become the new competency that organisations are seeking to build into their capability set. From hiring designers to becoming ‘user-centered’ as an organisation overall, people are flocking in their droves to grab a bit of the good stuff to make what they do, better for all and help their bottom lines. But it’s not easy to build this as an organisational competency. How do you do it? Where do you start? And once you’ve started, where do you go next? What does ‘getting there’ look like? What might the journey look like and what will I need to invest in to become ‘user-centered’?

In this masterclass, you will get to know how organisations are embedding design from starting out to scaling up these capabilities across their organisation to sustain design and grow a culture that focuses on delivering services that continuously meet user needs. You will learn to use Snook’s approach to embedding design at organisations, and what’s important to consider from choosing the right projects to work on to how to build products that scale Service Design in the longterm. You will work on practical exercises, reflecting on the ‘design capability framework’, to highlight what works well at what stage, what you can prioritise and what you should avoid doing.


Sarah Drummond


14h as 18h


Sala Ada Lovelace