Futurist, Technology Leader, and Founder of Wikipedia

She has won several international awards and appears in important lists as one of the leading names in innovation and thinkers about the future of capitalism.

One of today's most important thinkers, his books (finalists for the Pulitzer Prize) “How the Mind Works” and “The Blank Slate” are bestsellers.

One of today's most influential journalists, Pulitzer Prize winner, included in the Prospect list of the 50 Greatest Thinkers of the Covid-19 Era.

Professor Emeritus of Economics, History, English, and Communication at the University of Illinois. Resignified Coase's theorem

Award-winning Columnist and Author of Five Nonfiction Books and Two Novels

Founder of Subjective, a creative studio for emotion technology

Writer, Podcaster, and Opinion Columnist Specializing in Issues related to Race, Public Policy, and Applied Ethics.

Digital Identity Researcher, Civic Technology Practitioner, and COO of RadicalxChange

Senior Advisor at the Consulting Firm Flint Global and Senior Research Fellow at the Wilfried Martens Center for European Studies.

Member of the Society for International Development, Washington.

Consultant, Researcher, Lecturer, and Author of the book Revolutions of Technology and Financial Capital.