June Arunga Kimani founded Usafi Comfort to address the critical shortage of wastewater treatment for the millions that live outside of the municipal sewer infrastructure in East Africa. By bringing together technology and financial partners, developing the public knowledge base about wastewater treatment, and championing regulatory policy development, June and Usafi Comfort are innovating business models and revolutionizing water sanitation in this nascent market. Prior to founding Usafi Comfort in 2015, she was a founding partner of Black Star Line, one of the first fintech companies on the African continent providing cell phone-based payments and money transfers. Besides her public policy advocacy in water sanitation, June is a strong advocate for policies and technologies that secure property rights and promote intra-African trade and migration, laying the foundation for wealth creation in Africa. She has been writer and presenter for notable television programs, including two BBC documentaries, highlighting her policy views. One featured a journey from Cairo to Cape Town, where she brought to light the political and economic impediments to Africa’s growth.  Another took her on a road trip across Africa with the former president of Ghana, as they met with African heads of state to discuss what can be done to lift up Africa’s people in the future.