Innovation Week 2020

Innovation Week 2020

The Latin America's largest public innovation event reaches its sixth edition with the challenge: which new futures do we want to build?

In an online format, the event will bring together thinkers who are fundamental to the moment we live in. Together, we will reflect on what we want to leave behind, what we want to keep, and what we need to do differently to (Re)imagine and build futures. Innovation Week 2020 invites you to imagine and build possible futures. Come and experience this space not known yet! We will draw the map of this in-between place where it is possible to follow in several directions, get lost in the way, trace new roots, and find new ways out.

Reinventing ourselves is not an easy task, but let's do it all together.

Confirmed speakers

Beth Noveck

Director of GovLab

Caetano Penna

Research Fellow at the Utrecht University Centre for Global Challenges

Carlos Santiso

Director of the governance practice of the Development Bank of Latin America (CAF)

Darío Gil

Director of IBM Research

David Friedman

Writer and economist

Guilherme Coelho

Founder of Repú

Gustavo Canuto

 President of Dataprev

Jane Wiseman

Innovations in Government Fellow



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